Accessible Voting Technology Letter

[Your Local Election Officials]

The Purpose of This Letter is to Raise Awareness of the Issue That Voting is a Right, and Should be Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities.
Technology is permitting the replacement of giant binders of paper holding the records of registered voters in each polling place with electronic poll books that allow accessibility in various forms, engaging the voter directly during the check-in process, and allowing for a private and dignified experience at the polling place.
Many local and state election jurisdictions are overlooking the need to require that these new electronic poll books be accessible to people with disabilities.  As technology allows us to replace these outdated cumbersome paper poll books, I am encouraging you to ensure that the new technology being implemented is accessible to individuals with disabilities or those who may use a language other than english.
By sending this letter, I hereby demand that local, state and federal election officials require all new election technology, including but not limited to voting and voter check in and election day registration systems be computer driven, check-in solutions which provide full interactive access to users with disabilities. All my information shall be delivered to me privately. All my choices will be made directly by me with my choices kept private to the extent allowed by law.
Voting accessibility is a requirement under Title II of the American’s With Disabilities Act because voter registration and check in at the polling place is a service of government.  I urge you and state government adhere to this requirement as you move forward with new technology that modernizes the election process.
These requirements would fall under the spirit of the Help America Vote Act, the letter of  The Americans With Disabilities Act and the intent of guidelines set forth for technology under section 508 of the rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended.

[Your name]